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Form & Function

We simplify production


We kick off the relationship with a structured dialogue that helps us learn about your business, your audience, and your goals. We are not starting from scratch; we follow a proven design process that has brought us consistent results.

We use a Requirements Survey to determine your goals, target audience, detailed feature requests and as much relevant information as we can gather. We use information gathered in the Requirements Survey to create a detailed Project Proposal that is kept concise and not overly technical, and it serves as a reference throughout the project.


This stage is defined by an iterative collaboration and review process and we find that patience, professionalism, and open communication are essential to an awesome completed design. We use the information we learned in the discovery phase to construct a site map that outlines a clear pathway for how information will be presented to the end user and how the website will tell your business' story.

From the site map, we will create a rough wireframe of the site that sketches out the user interface and its core functionality. After everyone is satisfied, the revised wireframe and sitemap serve as a roadmap for the final creative deliverable.


Once the discovery and conception documents have been completed we can begin the design phase. The creative process takes many forms, some overt and some discrete. Our design process give the client an opportunity to have their own idea laid out and allows them to make any changes or suggestions early on if there happen to be any discrepancies.

This is also the time for deciding what technology should be implemented: CMS (content management system) such as WordPress, programming languages, video formats, etc. In this phase we set the timeline and milestones for your entire web site development project.


This the most time-consuming phase, and it is where the web site is actually created. It includes: coding templates in valid HTML5 and CSS, JavaScript, jQuery for drop-down menus, sliders, modal windows, etc, CMS theme development, PHP functions like images and thumbnail handling, custom widgets, forms, plug-ins, SEO enhancements, and browser compatibility.

We emphasize web standards, logical structuring, and search engine optimized code to insure that future updates and maintenance are painless and search engine can easily index your sites content. If changes to the original prototype or scope are required we meet with the client to review the changes and get permission before going forward.


Revise, validate, test, and repeat. After we have determined that everything is working correctly we give the client another opportunity to review the finished site. We want to know that you are satisfied with the product and that all contractual obligations have been met.

We discuss every single page that has been created while looking for parts of the site that can be improved in small ways. After all, we want you to be as proud of the website as we are.


Now is the time for a last-minute review before transfer the site to a live Web server. After that we provide documentation for the website, such as a soft-copy site map and details on the framework and languages used. This prevents any surprises for you later on, and it will also be useful should you need to work with another Web Developer in the future.

After you sign off on final checks we provide you with our contact information for support, and officially close the project. We do like to maintain a relationship with our clients, though; and will check in down the road to make sure everything is going smoothly.

Meaning & Structure

We design online experiences.


Our clients appreciate that every project we develop is made in the Puget Sound. We don't believe that outsourcing your project overseas is an effective solution for most business. From time to time we work with freelancers in other parts of the United States, but never outsource work overseas.

We strive for clear communication, where the client, developer, and copywriter can all step into the same meeting. We are local to Seattle allowing us to arrange meetings to plan your project perfectly. We want you to understand every step along the way to make sure you receive a great looking, functional website that best represents your organizations interests.

Right fit.

We love to build on WordPress. It’s open source, reliable, and easy for clients to use. We are not exclusive to WordPress, though; we also develop for other platforms such as Twitter Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation and of course straight HTML5, CSS3, and Sass.

We also know that not every business has the budget to create a custom website. That doesn’t mean your business has to suffer with a poor quality site. We can build a basic, great looking website using a template or framework for a fraction the cost of a custom website.


Great websites have purpose in every aspect of the design. Our web applications securely connect with customer-facing websites and e-commerce stores. Our apps process millions of records quietly and efficiently in real-time process.

We believe in coding the right way and strive to stay up on the latest web standards. A great interface is more complicated then what the user sees on the page. Every design decision we make improves the experience for your customers and enhances the usability of the site.


Successful eCommerce deployments are about matching your requirements with the right technology. We design to solve problems for small to enterprise business. Whether it is a mobile application which requires third-party system integration, or a productivity service to organize and access your intranet in a faster and more reliable way, we are ready to accept the challenge.

We build and integrate custom databases with websites and applications. We also offer web maintenance & support plans to take the stress out of managing your website so that you can focus on managing your business instead.


We create simple, intuitive, and effective web experiences. We do not decorate; we design to implement solutions. Our clients succeed because their websites are focused. We work closely with our clients every step of the way, from establishing the project specifications to executing the design, development and testing to insure our product meets your requirements, perfectly.

We value design and know that even the simplest of pages demand tight typography and careful attention to detail. Every project we take on goes through a thorough cycle of reviewing, tweaking and approving until everyone is satisfied with the design.


Is your website mobile friendly? Our websites are built to work natively on desktops, tablets, and phones. Responsive design is an art in understanding expectations at a variety of screens sizes. Mobile responsive design isn't an added service; it's how we build websites.

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